Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

Depending on the situation, the agent and homeowner work together to host the open house. A real estate agent like Kristin Bridges can offer valuable expertise on Huntsville real estate and home evaluation to potential buyers. In the same way, homeowners are intimate with the property, providing insider details that make the space feel welcoming and draw in buyers. Pairing both market information and homey details creates an ideal pairing.

When to host an open house?

Compare a weekend open house with a noon showing during a workday. Which will draw the most crowds? Open houses are usually hosted on weekends due to the higher availability of potential buyers. Rather than rushing through, visitors can take their time and appreciate the property's details rather than speeding through the property before returning to work. In the same way, scheduling a private open house could be to your advantage since it allows time for unique accommodations and the avoidance of crowds.

How to host an open house?

Imagine yourself as a buyer looking at homes for sale in Huntsville, Alabama. What would you want to walk into? Would you want to walk into a potential home that is messy, smells odd, and is hosted by cold, uninformed owners? Absolutely not. Putting yourself in the buyer's position is a good indicator of how you can approach hosting an open house. Lean into your strengths. Maybe put up a small beverage and cookie section, work with your real estate agent to think of potential questions buyers might ask and be ready to provide the answers, be hospitable but not hovering, and show the best of your home with a clean, fresh environment.

How to market an open house?

Now that we’ve addressed the basics, it’s time to get into the details. Each house is unique; there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to homes, which makes house hunting both exhilarating and exhausting. When faced with the possible routes to market your open house, remember you are showing the home’s potential. You cannot manufacture a house to please all buyers. However, spotlighting the best parts of the home and making it the best it can be will go a long way.

Another detail to remember is the open home experience reflects you as a seller. The goal for the viewer is to find a home they will love, and an aspect of buying a home includes doing business with the seller. Certain details of a well-hosted showing reflect well on you as a seller, inclining the homebuyers to proceed with a sale, especially if it is through an expert real estate agent.

Consider stepping into a showing where the home is unkempt, the environment is uncomfortable, and the host is unwelcoming. If it is like this during the open house, what would it be like during closing and negotiations? Compare this with a showing where the home is clean and welcoming, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the host is hospitable and warm. In the end, buyers will consider not only the house but the process of the final sale. Therefore, applying open house tips for sellers will attract buyers and, ultimately, offers.

Spruce up your home

It might seem counterproductive to improve your home just as you are giving it away, but remember, a little goes a long way. Investing in your property can yield considerable returns when placing a house on the market. Begin with curb appeal by removing weeds, cutting the lawn, proper landscaping, and a clean walkway. If there is a pool, cleaning it and the surrounding area will enhance your chances of a sale.

Correcting potential fixes is also a way to increase property value, such as fixing a squeaky door, fixing water damage, or filling in nail holes. Offering your home at its best is more than a marketing ploy, but a character reference. When visitors see the intentionality of an open house, it reflects positively on the host, promising the same intentionality will be reflected in the potential closure of the property.

Highlight the best features of your mome

Each house has an asset, and highlighting those assets is a necessary step when hosting an open house. As mentioned in the basics, you know the property best. Therefore, you have intimate knowledge of the best details on which to focus. For example, if a home has stunning natural light overlooking an equally fabulous view, open the curtains and clean the glass so buyers can enjoy it. Does the property have state-of-the-art technology? Give them a brief orientation on what those features can do and the benefits they have provided you as an owner.

If there is a chef's kitchen, make it a central point of the tour by setting up light refreshments on the counter. Drawing attention to the spectacular benefits of the area can make an impact. For those planning to host an open house in Huntsville, Alabama, share the amazing attractions and local culture. Do not be afraid to lean into the most spectacular aspects of the home and the neighborhood.

Give visitors space during showings

We have all been to an open house where the host has been a touch to attentive. Following viewers into closets and bathrooms, giving unbroken commentary on every detail, or asking too many questions can be exhausting. They may be eager to show the best parts of the property. However, it can make the open house an awkward experience.

At the risk of over-correcting by becoming too unavailable, find a comfortable middle ground. Walk around during the open house or stay stationary in a communal area, but give the buyers a chance to explore the house on their own. If they have any questions, be available to give answers. If hosting a showing becomes too stressful, do not hesitate to hand the reins to your real estate agent. Allowing visitors to feel comfortable during showings creates a relaxed atmosphere, making them more inclined to buy.


Imagine the ideal open house showing. Odds are, it is a relaxed, informative experience in a welcoming atmosphere that fosters excitement for the future. Hosting an open house can feel daunting, however, partnering with an agent like Kristin Bridges can make it easier. Placing yourself in the position of the buyer can aid in the next steps for how to tailor an open house. The end goal is to sell your home, and curating a showing that encourages buyers requires building the ideal atmosphere that reflects well on you and the property.

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